Your digital radio conundrums – solved!

Some things in life can be a bit of a conundrum and seem to be more trouble than they’re worth. But listening to digital radio shouldn’t be one of them.

There are so many ways to listen to digital radio at home and it’s easy to take your favourite stations with you when you’re out and about too.

Listen via a DAB/DAB+ digital radio
There are over 50 national stations on DAB/DAB+ to choose from in most of the county and over 90% of the country can now receive DAB digital radio.

DAB+ is simply DAB, but more. Even more great stations to listen to. Many national stations are now broadcast in DAB+. To listen to DAB+ stations you need a DAB+ radio, so to receive the full range of digital stations available you should make sure that the DAB radio you buy has both DAB and DAB+.

If you’re buying a digital radio, look for the Digital Radio Tick Mark. It means the product will recieve DAB and DAB+ stations.

You’ll find the Tick Mark on a wide range of products from leading manufacturers including Pure, Ruark, VQ, Sony, Philips and Panasonic.

Listen via a smart speaker
A smart speaker or voice activated speaker is a speaker you can talk to, and they’re a great way to listen to radio. With a smart speaker you just need to ask the speaker’s voice assistant to play your favourite station by name.
You’ll find everything you need to know about how to listen to your favourite radio station in the speaker’s control app.

Listen via a station app
With a radio station app on your smartphone, you can take your favourite stations everywhere. Why should you have to stop listening when you leave the house?

And you don’t even have to stick to the live broadcast. It’s all there, on the app, whenever you want.

To listen on your smartphone or tablet, download your favourite station app, Radioplayer, or BBC Sounds. You can listen on headphones and if you have a connected or smart speaker you can connect with Bluetooth to listen out loud too.

If you need help downloading an app, you can find out how to do it here.

Less of a conundrum – more a no-brainer!