Digital radio in your car

Why get digital radio in your car?

Digital radio gives you much greater choice, with all your existing stations plus many more digital-only stations. Digital radios are easy to tune at the touch of a button, the sound is hiss and crackle-free and there’s no need to retune on long journeys.

Many in car digital radios and adapters also often come with additional features such as Bluetooth and handsfree.

And if you already love listening to your favourite digital stations at home, why not get them in your car too?

Most new cars now come with digital radio fitted as standard, so if you’re buying a new or used car, make sure you opt for one with DAB digital radio. 

If you’re not buying a new car, there are three main ways:

  • An adapter that attaches neatly to the dashboard and lets you play DAB stations through your existing radio. 
  • A new replacement fitted DAB radio. They often come with extra features such as Bluetooth and hands free.
  • Connect your smartphone with an aux in cable, a USB connection or via Bluetooth and listen to online radio via apps. 

Lots of replacement digital radios and adapters also come with additional features such as Bluetooth and hands-free.

You can upgrade via a replacement radio or an easy-fit DAB digital radio adapter which can be fitted to your dashboard and connects to your existing radio, and can be easily and neatly fitted at your local car dealer, car audio specialist, or Halfords.

Most likely you will need an antenna to upgrade your car to digital radio, speak to you nearest local car dealer, car audio specialist, or Halfords for more information.

Upgrade your car

If you want to add digital radio to your car, you can use adapters, replacement fitted radios or smartphones.

Listen via your smartphone

Go digital in your new or existing vehicle

Buying a new car

95% of new cars have digital radio as standard

Head units

You can opt to upgrade your car stereo to one with digital radio built-in for a seamless look and functionality.


When you upgrade to digital radio in your car, you may need to upgrade your vehicles aerial.


Attached to your dashboard or discreetly hidden adapters can be user or professionally fitted giving real flexibility in getting digital radio into your vehicle.