When is digital switchover happening?

Digital listening is increasing steadily as more listeners are discovering the benefits of listening via DAB, digital TV and IP (online), with the latter through a range of devices including smart speakers. Alongside this, listening via analogue (AM/FM) devices is steadily declining. However, analogue services remain highly valued by some listeners, especially those who are elderly, vulnerable or living in remote communities. For this reason, the Digital Radio & Audio Review, published in October 2021, concluded that there should be no mandated switch-off of FM services until at least 2030. The Review recommended that the industry should begin planning for the long-term retirement of analogue services in line with the projected decline in analogue listening, but set no mandatory dates for the end of FM/AM services, and proposed to revisit the matter in a further review to be completed by 2026. (Updated 13 January 2022)