There is no DAB coverage in my area, will this change?

Almost 400 new national and local DAB transmitters have been built since 2014 to expand digital radio to FM equivalence; DAB coverage for national commercial stations now exceeds the coverage of national commercial radio on FM and local coverage on DAB matches FM.

The BBC has completed build out of its national DAB coverage to reach 98% of the population and whilst there are currently no confirmed plans to further extend coverage, in the event of a decision to proceed with a future radio switchover, Government has stated it would expect the BBC to complete the final phase of its national DAB network so that its coverage is equivalent to FM coverage, subject to value for money considerations.

You can check your DAB coverage and the stations you can receive by using the Postcode Checker on this site. If DAB is not available at your postcode then you are advised to listen online or via DTV.