Digital Radio and Audio Review

The Digital Radio & Audio Review

The Digital Radio and Audio Review has been in progress since May 2019 with Government and the radio industry working collaboratively to define the scope of the Review and put in place an organisational structure to move forward and implement the project.  

In February 2020, Media Minister John Whittingdale confirmed the scope and timescale of the Review, with the DCMS formally publishing the Terms of Reference and the intention to complete and publish recommendations by March 2021.

Previously, radio’s future has been seen in terms of a transition from analogue to digital broadcasting. But with the growth of smart speakers in homes and online audio platforms, the UK audio market is rapidly changing and there is no longer simply a binary choice between analogue and digital audio broadcast (DAB) platforms.

The Review will examine future trends and consider how radio should adapt to the growing challenges and opportunities from the latest audio technologies, as well as the impact of new consumer behaviours such as streaming.

The Terms of Reference, as agreed with industry partners, focus on how to ensure radio remains fit for the future, assessing potential future listener trends and making recommendations to strengthen the UK radio audio industry and promote innovation.

Government and key industry organisations have come together to steer the Review, including the BBC, Bauer Media, Global, Arqiva, Radiocentre, techUK and the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders amongst others.

The Review findings will be published in March 2021.