Bauer stations unite to share special digital Coronavirus message

Bauer radio stations will be changing their digital DLS messages every Thursday to praise NHS workers, carers and key workers in line with the now-established Thursday #ClapForOurCarers event.

In addition to existing messages relating to programmes and ‘now-playing’, a scrolling message will appear from each radio station, sharing their thanks.

Scala Radio wants to thank all NHS workers, carers and key workers across the UK – our heroes! is an example of the text that will appear.

The new message will appear from this Thursday (9 April)  and every Thursday as along as the Coronavirus situation is ongoing – running from the morning through until the late evening. 

Today’s news is the latest gesture in addition to continued on-air support from BBC and commercial radio stations across the UK, which has included pausing at 8pm every Thursday to recognise and pay tribute to NHS staff and key workers in the ‘Clap For Carers’ event.

Dee Ford, Group Managing Director of Bauer Radio, said:

“Our much-loved radio stations are in the privileged position of being allowed into people’s living and working spaces at a time when we are all having to keep our distance. It is with this power that we wish to send our upmost appreciation for all the incredibly hard-working people who are doing their best to keep us all safe and well in the continuing crisis. We hope they and all of our listeners see this message and continue to remain positive and resolute.”