Absolute Radio launches Absolute Radio Noel

To celebrate the release of Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds’ Best Of collection, Back The Way We Came, Absolute Radio are launching a unique radio station, Absolute Radio Noel, from 10am on the 11th June until midnight on the 18th June.

The pop-up station features an exclusive interview with Noel himself alongside unique performances, archive content, new album tracks and a ‘Through The Decades’ playlist chosen by the High Flying Birds frontman.

For a whole week, fans of the Manchester musician will be able to get access to the dedicated radio station for free via absoluteradio.co.uk, their smart speakers or the Absolute Radio app.

Absolute Radio Noel’s bespoke schedule means listeners will be treated to a whole host of exciting content to keep them entertained, including new session tracks, a full album playback, live performances from the O2 Ritz Manchester and of course some legendary Oasis tracks as well.

Absolute Radio Content Director Paul Sylvester said “One man, one station, one week. Noel’s been a great friend to Absolute Radio and so we thought he deserved to have his own station where fans can hear non-stop Noel with a mixture of new and exclusive content alongside archive performances and interviews from through the years.”