Hits Radio Pride launches new documentary series

Hits Radio Pride, Bauer Media’s LGBTQ+ radio station, is continuing its drive to raise awareness of important issues faced by the community with its brand-new investigatory documentary series titled ‘Can’t Think Straight’.

Launching on 6 December, it begins with ‘Can’t Think Straight: A Hits Radio Pride Investigation into Conversion Therapy’ – a set of features exploring the government’s plans to ban so-called “conversion therapy.” From Monday 6th – 11th December, the station will air exclusive interviews with individuals who have experienced these therapies in the past, delving into the reasons why people feel obliged to undertake such measures despite a lack of any scientific evidence that they work, as well as concerns that new government legislation could leave a door open for “consenting” adults to seek therapy.

The series will speak to organisations that are dealing with the impact the “therapy” can have, including Just Like UsMermaidsThe Evangelical Alliance and Galop, and hear from Alicia Kearns MP, who is spearheading the legislation through parliament.

Paul Gerrard, Content Director, Hits Radio, said: “As a broadcaster we know that we have the platform and responsibility to educate and raise awareness of sensitive topics that matter most to our audiences. When launching Hits Radio Pride last year, we knew that we wanted it to be both a joyful station to celebrate Pride but also include serious content that would encourage inclusion and tolerance and support our listeners. Throughout the week the show will signpost to the National Conversion Therapy Helpline, ensuring our listeners can reach out for support if they need it – whether they’re being pressured into therapy, are currently undergoing it or have undergone it in the past.”

The series follows other projects the station has produced to shine a light on important topics, including ‘Tough Talks’, its award-winning show produced in partnership with the Audio Content Fund and Reform Radio. Each episode saw contributors from the LGBTQ+ community share intimate and revealing conversations around coming out and being themselves.

Following the first set of shows around conversion therapy this December, the station is looking to explore other topics throughout 2022, including HIV, transphobia and homelessness.

Listen live on Hits Radio Pride this week, or visit hitsradiopride.co.uk.