Change request

The following outlines the process for making a request to the tick mark technical documents.

  1. Please complete the change request form, request the form from
  2. Once complete, send the Change Request Form back to
  3. Following its receipt, Digital Radio UK will consider the change request
    1. Digital Radio UK will respond to change requests pointing to an error in the documents or something that is factually incorrect
    2. Digital Radio UK will respond to change request with an addition to the documents. This will take place annually in June
    3. Digital Radio UK may ask questions about the change request, as appropriate
  4. Once Digital Radio UK has come to a conclusion, they will pass on the response to the organisation/person who has requested the change
    1. This process will happen as quickly as possible
  5. All changes will be recorded at the front of the technical documents in the Change History

If you have a change request please follow the steps above. Any questions please ask